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Sterling Valley Organic Maple Syrup "Dark" 16 oz

This is New York State Grade A syrup with a Dark Color and a Robust Maple taste.  This grade of syrup is known for having a stronger taste than other grades and is perfect for use in recipes or to add maple flavor to cooking. Some prefer this to other grades for table use to add a strong maple flavor to pancakes or waffles.

To make syrup, pure maple sap is collected from thousands of maple trees on our family's land and boiled down to produce maple syrup. There are no additives; syrup is nothing more than the sap collected from the tree with the water removed. *Gallons may ship as 2 half gallons. Price includes shipping nationwide.

USDA Organic SealSterling Valley Maple's syrup is certified Organic through NOFA-NY, LLC.


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